Friday, August 20, 2010

New Rule Frustration for Nain Retailers

A new rule has been a cause of frustration for Nain retailers receiving air freight.

Albert Hamel is the Manager of Labrador Investments in Nain.

He says recently a new rule has been put in place at the airstrip which restricts retailers from driving on to the ramp while planes are there.

In the past, retailers collecting freight would drive onto the ramp and load the freight directly from the plane to the freight trucks.

Now the freight is left on the ramp until the planes have left the runway.

Hamel says this is a huge inconvenience, especially when you’re dealing with perishable items such as fruit and milk.

He says the rule was put into place after one of the retailers pulled their freight truck in front of a plane that was taking off.

When the freight was loaded directly, it would take about 4-7 minutes for the retailers to collect the freight.

With the new rule the wait time has been increased up to an hour at times.

This is an hour that the freight is left sitting on the ramp.

And on days when temperatures reach 30 degrees and over, that’s a big concern for the perishable items.

He adds that the spray and exhaust landing on the freight from the planes is also a big concern.

Not to mention the fuel on the ramp.

Hamel hopes that a solution can be found that is more beneficial to the retailers of Nain.


  1. The rules and regulations have been broken by both parities [airlines and citizens] for years. Include me in the citizen group.
    It just takes one person to screw it up for others and this has finely happened.

    There are simple solutions that would require some money and a thought process. Oh well looks like we are out of luck and the retailers will have to suffer., and lets not forget the consumer who is at the bottom of the chain.

  2. what are they going to do if you drive onto the ramp? fly away with your frieght?? highly unlikely. quit letting these weasles push you around and get back to business the way it has always been done!