Thursday, August 26, 2010

Torngat Fisheries plants winding down

The operations of Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative’s plants are winding down for this season.

John Ikkusek is the Manager at the Nain plant.

He says crews are cleaning the plant now and he expects the plant be closed by this weekend.

The Nain plant processed a total of 20,024 pounds of char this summer.

That number is down significantly from last year.

Meanwhile, the turbot fishery at the Makkovik fish plant is finished for the year.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager.

He says a total of 70,328 pounds of turbot was landed.

That figure is also way down from the total catch last summer.

Both the Makkovik plant and the Nain plant were hoping to bring turbot to Nain for processing.

But the turbot just wasn’t there.

Andersen says the one boat still harvesting crab is on her last trip.

Up to today, 954,087 pounds of crab has been landed.

They still have between thirty and fifty people working at the plant.

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