Friday, July 9, 2010

Washington Math Teacher Extends his Help to Students

Students and parents tend to have difficulty communicating when it comes to school work, such as math.

A student may be having a hard time with math at school but isn't sure how to tell their parents.

On the other hand, a parent may notice his or her child having difficulty with their school work.

So a lot of time they're not sure how to approach each other.

George Denault is a math teacher from Washington DC.

He and his son Ben were in Nain last summer.

They are back and will be here for three weeks.

Denault is offering to get parents and students together to see if he can help with these difficulties.

He is also offering to teach students to better their basic math skills.

Ben will be offering to teach students how to play the violin.

They hope to get parents and students together starting next Monday at 6 PM at the K-3 multi-purpose room.

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