Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nain Canadian Junior Rangers?

Establishing a Canadian Junior Rangers Patrol in Nain is proving to be quite challenging.

Captain Daniel Devine is a Canadian Junior Ranger Officer.

He says he is presently in Goose Bay completing a two-part training program for youth in the Canadian Junior Rangers.

Devine says there is a huge amount of interest in creating a Junior Rangers group in Nain.

Before that can happen, Sergeant Henry Broomfield of Nain must first inform the Canadian Rangers Headquarters of their plans.

Those plans have to include a specific amount of interest from the youth, adults and the community.

He says that process has not yet been carried out.

Devine adds that the Canadian Rangers fully support a Canadian Junior Rangers Patrol for Nain.

Tune in to this afternoon’s Teen Rockers show to hear more about the progress of establishing this new group.

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