Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blake Suspended and Possibly Removed from Office Following Hearing

A disciplinary committee has suspended Upper Lake Melville Ordinary Member Max Blake following a hearing last week.

Patricia Ford is the Speaker of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

She says the committee has decided to suspend Blake following his hearing on July 22.

The committee decided that Blake had broken the Nunatsiavut Government’s code of conduct on two separate occasions.

According to the committee, Blake had lacked the integrity under section 2.2 of the code regarding an incident on the evening of June 3, 2010.

That incident had taken place at the Atsanik Lodge.

The committee had also found that Blake had treated constituents with abuse and disrespect, breaking section 2.6 of the code of conduct.

The committee has decided that Blake will be suspended for three months without pay for his actions.

That suspension is effective immediately.

In a separate incident on June, 4, it was determined that Blake was guilty again of serious misconduct by making disparaging comment against Inuit women and Inuit in general.

The committee is asking that Blake be removed from office for this incident.

In order to be removed from office, the Nunatsiavut Assembly would need to vote 60 percent in favor of his removal.

The next Assembly Sitting is scheduled for September.

There was also some confusion about the way the zero tolerance rule was stated.

Ford says Blake did not actually breach the rule.

Elected members are permitted to drink during their off-time.

The Nunatsiavut assembly will be visiting the zero tolerance rule in the future to make the appropriate clarifications.


  1. Sounds like this Assembly is a lot more active than the last one. Perhaps if they held a hearing like this over the goings on at LIDC last fall the bizarre outcome for myself would be much different and I'd actually still be there doing my job.


    Charles Martin

  2. The discrimination shown towards Max Blake is intolerable.Zero tolerance is something that a multi cultural Canada does not have.LIA has no compaqssion and rules their monarchy with an iron fist much like a Hitler camp!Everyone is afraid to say anything against them...Every aspect of Max's rights have been ignored.