Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goose Bay Man Barricades Himself

A Goose Bay man has barricaded and armed himself in his Goose Bay home.

This is according to a release issued by the RCMP.

It states that shortly before 7 PM last night, Happy Valley Goose Bay RCMP members responded to a call.

Upon arriving on the scene, RCMP members found a man in his 20's had barricaded himself in his residence.

RCMP members confirmed that he is by himself.

The man is armed with a knife and has advised RCMP that he will not be coming out.

He is threatening harm to himself or any RCMP member that comes into the residence.

The media release also states that additional RCMP members were called to the scene for assistance.

They include a General Investigation Section and a negotiator.

The negotiator has made contact with the man who communicated periodically through an open window at the back of the residence.

Efforts to try and talk him out of the home have not been successful at this point.

The man had been consuming alcohol throughout the day and into the evening according to RCMP.

Resources are being gathered to continue scene security for today including another negotiator from St John’s and the RCMP Emergency Response Team.

The incident is ongoing.

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  1. Update from Sgt. Wayne Newell (Press Release):

    At approximately 2:20 PM today the man safely surrendered to an RCMP negotiator and is currently in custody.

    He is presently taken to see a doctor pursuant to the Mental Care and Treatment Act and no decision has been made at this time on any charges.