Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nain & Makkovik Fish Plant Activities

Although the fish plant in Nain is not taking any fish right now, they’re still doing much better than last year.

Deidi Kohlmeister is Office Supervisor at the plant.

She says they will not take any fish until after the funeral because their engineer is off.

They have five people working at the Nain plant at the moment.

Up till today, they have landed 10,277 lbs of char, which is significantly more than last year.

On July 30th last year they had only landed 7,397 lbs.

Meanwhile, the Makkovik Fish Plant is doing really well with the crab fishery.

Junior Andersen is the Production Supervisor.

He says to date they have landed 723,656 lbs of crab.

They still have seven boats bringing in crab and nearly seventy workers employed at their plant.

Turbot season is set to open on August 1st.

Andersen feels they probably won’t start the turbot fishery until a week after the opening.

Due to the high volume of the crab needing to be processed.

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