Friday, July 16, 2010

Blake Apologizes for Actions in Letter to Nunatsiavut Assembly

Max Blake has apologized for his actions in Nain in a letter to the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

The OKalaKatiget Society obtained a copy of the letter today.

In the letter Blake says that he went to the bar in Nain after work and drank wine to the point that he blacked out.

He says he can’t remember who was there or who he had spoken with.

In the letter, Blake says that since the incident he has concluded that he cannot drink at all.

He writes the incident has been devastating for him and proceeds to apologize for his actions.

In the letter he asks for the chance to prove that he is an honorable person and says he will never do that again.

Blake also dedicates a paragraph of the letter to addressing OKalaKatiget Radio.

He writes that OKalaKatiget Radio had a “field day” with the incident and sensationalized and scandalized the events.

He writes that OKalaKatiget Radio set up a hate blog so people could provide comments slandering his name.

OKalaKatiget Radio stands by the story and believes that it was reported in an appropriate manner.

We attempted to contact Blake to comment on the situation.

Our calls were not returned.

OKalaKatiget’s blog has been in existence for a number of years and we post our news so that our listeners can access stories and comment online.

There was some objectionable content posted in the comments section of the story.

Once the comments were brought to the attention of OKalaKatiget Society we immediately removed the story and comments.

The story was reposted with pre-moderated comments.

We have since taken extra measures to ensure that no inappropriate comments are posted to our blog.

A hearing will be held on July 22 to investigate the four complaints made against Blake regarding the incident.

The hearing will be held to decide what course of action, if any, the Nunatsiavut Government will take.

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