Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nain Residents Helps Families in Need

It is no trouble telling that our community will offer help when it is needed.

And the recent unfortunate event is no exception; in fact we are working harder to help those in need.

Lisa Ivany is the Recreation Director.

She sent a notice stating what the families need in terms of clothing, house wares and personal items.

Donations of size 7 boys’ pants and size 12/13 sneakers are needed at this time.

As well as size 9/10 pants and medium-size tops.

Size 8 and 11 shoes are being accepted for the two women.

The two men are in need of size 32/34 pants.

Along with large and extra large tops and size 10/11 sneakers.

Donations are being accepted at the Nain Inuit Community Government.

If you live in Goose Bay, items can be dropped off at the Friendship Centre to Patty.

For Postville, donated items can be given to Harriet Gear.

There is also a bank account set up for the two families, if you wish to donate cash.

The Nunatsiavut Government is also selling tickets on four Inuit drums.

The tickets are $5 each and are being sold today at NG and will continue to be sold tomorrow at the NG and the Post Office.

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