Friday, July 9, 2010

Rosie the Robot Launch

Rosie the Robot is officially helping take care of patients in Nain.

The remote control robot had her unveiling yesterday at a press conference at the Nain Clinic.

Dr Ivar Mendez, Chairman of Halifax’s Brain Repair Centre, ran the press conference.

The star of the show of course was Rosie, who was operated by Dr Michael Jong in Happy-Valley Goose Bay by remote control.

Rosie has a computer screen mounted on top which allows two way audio and video communication between medical staff and patients.

According to Dr Mendez, Rosie is the first of her kind in the North.

Rosie has been helping medical staff and patients communicate in Nain for about six months.

One of those patients is Hulda Merkuratsuk.

Dr Jong has been helping her get better with Rosie’s help.

Merkuratsuk says that because of Rosie, she doesn’t have to travel to Goose Bay all the time to see Dr Jong.

She adds that she has gained weight and is feeling happy now.

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