Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bear in the Net

When most people go to check their nets they're likely to find some fish and even some kelp tangled in the net.

Imagine the surprise when a Hopedale resident found a bear lodged up against his net.

Rex Flowers is a resident of Hopedale.

He says that he went to check his net earlier this week and found a black bear lodged up against it.

He says he believes that the bear had washed up against his net with the tides.

Flowers says he thinks the bear had been killed earlier by one of the residents in the community and dumped into the water.

The bear appeared to have been decomposing for some time.

A black bear had been hanging around the dump outside of the community this spring.

Flowers’ net had been put out a short distance from the dump.

He says the bear may have been taken by the tides and washed up along his net.

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