Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing Much for Makkovik

The MV Northern Ranger made its first visit to the community of Makkovik this morning.

Many residents were expecting to receive essential items that tend to run low during the long winter months.

But that wasn’t the case.

Carla Penny works at the Woodward’s Oil Ltd. in Makkovik.

She says the MV Northern Ranger arrived with very little freight aboard.

Some of the items that came off the ship were furniture, shingles, recreational vehicles, ice cream and vegetables.

Penny says they aren’t expecting much on the MV Astron when it arrives today.

According to the weigh-bill only vehicles are scheduled to arrive.

Penny adds the Big Land Grocery store is without bread and roll mix, yeast, pampers or baby food to name a few.

The MV Astron was expected to arrive in Makkovik at 12 noon today.

While the MV Northern Ranger is expected to arrive in Postville at the same time and scheduled to arrive in Hopedale at 6:00pm this evening.

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