Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Climate Change Studies In Nain

This summer researchers will be in Nain gathering information about this past winter.

Rodd Laing is a Researcher from Trent University.

He says they are interested in finding out why the past winter in Nain was so warm compared to previous years.

Laing says there will be about 7 to 8 researchers altogether.

They’re willing to talk with anyone and everyone to get a better understanding of this unusual climate change.

He says they’ve also hired two local summer student to help with their studies.


  1. Somebody should inform these researchers about Late Mr Onalik's BOOK on weather, YEARS of daily weather notes that would tell em what they maybe seeking.


  2. If anyone comes in contact with them, please be sure to note to them that Robert Way in Goose Bay has been heavily involved in this sort of research this year and he might be a good contact person.