Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hopedale Receives New Supply Of Oil

The community of Hopedale is the first to receive a new supply of oil on the north coast of Labrador.

This has residents of other communities are wondering when they will see their new supply of fuels.

And when they will see a new price along with those supplies.

Simeon Nochasak is with William Normore Limited in Hopedale.

He says a tanker delivered a new supply of home heating fuel to the community late last month.

Nochasak says the price has not yet been adjusted with the new supply.

Rod Woodward is with Woodward’s Oil in Nain.

He says the oil tanker is on its way with new supplies for north coast communities.

He expects the tanker to arrive in Nain late this week or early next week.

When new supplies are delivered, they undergo a price adjustment.

A price freeze is put into place on the last shipment of supplies for the winter months.

That freeze is lifted when new supplies are able to get into the communities.

The price of gasoline on the north coast is currently set at $1.39 a litre.

Home heating fuel is $1.04.

Last year the price freeze was lifted on July 02, 2009.

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