Friday, July 16, 2010

Nain Residents without Banking Services Due to Vandalism

Residents of Nain have been without banking services this week following an act of vandalism.

Sergeant Cal Barter is with the RCMP detachment in Nain.

He says somebody cut the telephone wires that run into the Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Canada Post offices.

The RCMP is not sure how the vandals managed to cut the wires.

The act of vandalism had taken place two days ago sometime between the time the bank closed for the evening and opened again in the morning.

Barter says they have no suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

This isn’t the first time the building has been targeted by vandals.

A similar act of vandalism took place last year.

This has left the detachment wondering if these incidents are related.

And whether these incidents were random acts of mischief or if the building had been specifically targeted.

Barter asks that if anybody in the community has any information they contact either the RCMP or crime stoppers.

The phone lines have since been repaired.

A representative couldn’t be reached for comment.

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