Friday, July 30, 2010

Nain to Receive New Lights in New Subdivision

The town of Nain will be a little brighter next week.

Dasi Ikkusek is the Manager of the Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG).

She says a crew from Hydro will be in town Tuesday, August 3.

Ikkusek says they will install street lights in the new subdivision.

In the mean time, the NICG employees will go around town checking to see if any broken lights need to be replaced.

Karen O’Neill is NL Hydro’s Senior Communications Advisor.

She says other then the street lights that will be installed, she knows of two broken lights that will be replaced.

O’Neill says if anyone in any community notices any street lights either broken or malfunctioning.

They are encouraged to contact Hydro.

O’Neill adds that any request for the installation of street lights on newly constructed roads are to be requested by the towns Municipal Government.

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