Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nain Alcohol Suppliers asked to Halt Sales in Wake of Tragedy

Alcohol suppliers in Nain have been requested to stop the sale of alcohol in the community.

Tom Goodwin is the owner of the Atsanik Lodge in Nain.

He says he was approached by Nunatsiavut President Jim Lyall who had requested that Goodwin stop the sale of alcohol at his bar.

Lyall had requested the bar be closed until after a funeral was conducted.

Goodwin says, from his memory, this is the first time he has ever received this sort of request.

After discussions with staff, Goodwin says they decided they cannot afford to lose out on those wages.

He says although it is a tragedy, he has a responsibility to his staff.

The wait time, until the weather allows for the funeral, may leave the employees without work for a number of days.

Goodwin adds that he will have the bar closed during the day of the funeral.

President Lyall says he was approached by the Nain Crisis Response Team (CRT) who had requested the halt of the sale of alcohol.

They wanted suppliers to hold off until a funeral was conducted.

Lyall says he had complied with the request and passed that request on to local suppliers.

Sarah Leo is a member of the Nain CRT.

She says the team made the request because Nain has a family going through a tragic time and a community trying to deal with the tragedy.
Leo adds that the support systems available in Nain are already stretched to the limit.

Dorman Webb, the owner of the local beer store, has complied with the request and has halted the sale of beer for now.

But he says he may re-open again depending on how long it takes for the funeral to be conducted.

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