Monday, July 12, 2010

Prices In Fuel In Nunatsiavut To Be Lifted Come Thursday?

Fuel prices may change this Thursday with each of the communities receiving new fuel supplies.

Dennis White is the General Manager with Woodward Group of Companies in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

He says that fuel tankers have now visited each community they service on the North Coast with new fuel supplies.

This may cause the price freeze to be lifted in our region.

That decision is made by the Public Utilities Board.

Zone 11A on the south coast of Labrador had their price freeze lifted last Thursday.

The north coast of Labrador is in Zone 14.

They generally pay the same price for fuels as residents in our region.

When their price freeze was lifted they saw a 4.3cents per liter (cpl) decrease in the price of gasoline.

Home heating fuel also dropped by 2.6cpl.

The public utilities board will do a scheduled price adjustment this Thursday.

Last year the price freeze was lifted in this region on July 2.

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