Monday, July 19, 2010

Lower Churchill to Benefit Labrador Inuit

The Lower Churchill project will provide many opportunities for employment to residents of Labrador.

The provincial government has been working with the Nunatsiavut Government to ensure that Labrador Inuit see some of these benefits.

A strategy released by the provincial government aims to ensure that aboriginal groups, among others, will see benefits and opportunities from the Lower Churchill project.

The Lower Churchill Construction Projects Benefits Strategy was released by the provincial government last week.

The strategy ensures opportunities for the people of the province throughout the construction phase of the project.

Included in those opportunities are those for Labrador Inuit.

Ken Morrisey is the Director of Communications for the provincial Department of Natural Resources.

He says Nalcor has been engaged with the Nunatsiavut Government since 2007.

They are working to ensure that Labrador Inuit stand to gain from the opportunities created by the project.

Nalcor has been meeting with Nunatsiavut representatives and carrying out community visits since that time.

Morrisey says Nalcor has also been providing documentation to the region regarding the project in plain language which is also translated into Inuktitut.

The construction phase of the project includes at least 21.5 million person hours of construction employment.

Those hours will be created from two hydroelectric developments at Gull Island and Muskrat Falls.

An additional 6.5 million hours will be created through engineering and project management as well as Gender Equity and Diversity projects.

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