Friday, July 30, 2010

Fundraising Efforts Tainted

The fundraising efforts for the Ford family have been tainted by a shameful incident.

Simon Kohlmeister handcrafted four Inuit drums to sell tickets on.

On Wednesday afternoon, someone had walked away with a miniature drum.

The drums were on display at the Post-Office.

Kohlmeister is not impressed with the theft.

The drums were made to help out for a good cause.

And he says it is disrespectful to do such a thing, especially considering the circumstances.

He hopes that whoever stole the drum will eventually return it.

Kohlmeister says the value of the drums are $800-$900; but he says the cost is not important.

He says he is just trying to return help to those in need.

Because his community was there for him when he was in need.

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