Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nain & Makkovik Fishplant Update

Things aren’t progressing very well this year at the Nain fish plant.

Deidi Kolhmeister is the Office Supervisor for the plant.

She says there has been 5,433 pounds of char landed so far.

This figure is lower than what they had last year.

Kohlmeister says the fish aren’t that plentiful this year.

There are currently eight fishermen harvesting char.

And there are twenty three employees working at the plant.

Meanwhile, things are looking better at the Makkovik Plant.

Junior Andersen is the Production Supervisor.

He says they have 10 crab boats bringing crab and two are expected to finish up after their next catch.

They have now landed 499,693 pounds of crab.

There are seventy employees at the plant.

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