Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nain Residents Encounter an Aggressive Group of Black Bears

Two Nain residents had a close call with a group of black bears over the weekend.

Benny Saimat and a friend left for a cabin at Cape Little last Wednesday.

He says while they were there a storm began, destroying their boat.

Rough water and high winds had split the wooden vessel in half.

Saimat says on Saturday evening a group of aggressive black bears began to approach the cabin.

There were about 10 bears altogether and up to three of them at a time were trying to force their way into the cabin.

This was a problem for the men who only had three shells.

He says the bears weren’t scared at all and were pushing at the door to try to enter the cabin.

Saimat believes they may have been attracted by the smell of garbage or food that was in the cabin.

He says they fired two of the shells, killing one of the bears.

They decided to save the last shell in case one of the bears managed to get in the cabin.

Saimat says luckily his father came to check on them the next day and took them home.

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