Thursday, July 15, 2010

TRHA Materials

The marine shipping season is now in full swing.

And so too will be TRHA’s construction season in Nunatsiavut communities.

William Lucy is the Coordinator of TRHA.

He says he spoke with White’s Building Supplies (WBS) in Stephenville this morning regarding their materials for this year.

Lucy says one of the employees informed him that the building materials are now at the Lewisporte wharf ready to be shipped.

WBS has been shipping the material to Lewisporte since the shipping season opened for Labrador’s north coast.

He says he hopes some supplies will be aboard the first Astron for most of the communities.

Lucy says because the shipment can't be controlled, work on the coast depends on what is sent.

In other TRHA news, he says he and the Housing Inspector, Richard Boase, left Hopedale for Makkovik last Monday to check on the new lots.

Lucy says they can’t work on the new plots in Nain because the new road in the subdivision is not yet complete.

He says once the road is complete, they’ll be back to start work on the plots for the new houses.

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