Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road To Trousers Lake

For the past month, Budgell’s Equipment and Rentals are back in Nain working hard.

Bob Gilbert is the Office Manager.

He says they have two barges of equipment and materials scheduled to arrive.

One of which arrived yesterday.

Gilbert says the barges would have arrived sooner, but were delayed by ice conditions.

He says after the second barge arrives and progress is made, they will then start hiring locals.

Gilbert says they’ve received quite a few job applications locally and elsewhere.

Budgell’s currently has about ten to twelve of their regular staff working in Nain.

He says they will certainly be working up to November, or just before the winter season comes.

Gilbert adds they’ll return either in late spring or early summer to finish the road and basic pipelines for the community’s new water supply at Trousers Lake.

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