Friday, September 17, 2010

Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated Calling for Crafts

Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated (TAAC) in Nain is calling on Nunatsiavut communities for more craft items for the centre.

Andrea Hoyt sits on the board of directors.

She says the center needs more Chimo hats, larger sized slippers, small carvings, baby slippers and unique jewelry.

Hoyt says they have also come across people who are interested in buying the Inuit Kullik.

Anyone in Nunatsiavut who has any of these items to sell or is interested in making them for the center is urged to contact TAAC.

She says the center will be buying craft items on Monday, September 27.

In other news, TAAC is still waiting for the funding for two positions: an Executive Director and General Manager.

Hoyt says there has been no final agreement reached yet.

But the board is in the process of finalizing the position of general manager and will soon be filling the post.

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