Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hopedale Candidates Share Campaigns

The Election Day for AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs is fast approaching.

Eligible voters head to the polls in each of the communities on September 14.

Before that date, OKalaKatiget Radio will be speaking with each of the candidates to hear their campaigns.

Today we will be speaking with the candidates in Hopedale.

Greg Flowers, Jimmy Tuttauk, Wayne Piercy, Garfield Flowers, Doris Boas and Sukie Aggek are running for AngajukKak of the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

On this afternoon’s program we will be speaking with Greg Flowers, Jimmy Tuttauk, Wayne Piercy, and Garfield Flowers.

They will share their campaigns and discuss the issues in Hopedale.

Sukie Aggek is travelling and we weren’t able to speak with her.

We will discuss her campaign at a later date.

Doris Boas did not want to share her campaign with us.

Tune in each day until September 14, to hear from the candidates in each of the communities.

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