Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newly-Elected Nunatsiavut Assembly Members Taking Oath of Office

The newly-elected AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs have been taking their oath of office in their respective communities.

Jennifer Hefler-Elson, the newly-elected Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation took her oath of office Wednesday, September 15.

Herb Jacque was sworn in for his second term as AngajukKak of the Makkovik Inuit Community Government (ICG) on Friday, September 17.

Tony Andersen took the oath of office for AngajukKak of the Nain Inuit Communtiy Government yesterday, September 20.

Dianne Gear, the newly-elected AngajukKak for the Postville ICG, will be sworn in either this afternoon or this evening in that community.

Ed Tuttauk, the Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation, will take his oath tomorrow during Sivunivut’s Annual General Meeting.

And Wayne Piercy is planning to be sworn in next Tuesday, September 28.

All the newly-elected members will be sworn in to the Nunatsiavut Assembly during the next assembly sitting in early October.

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  1. Congratulations Tony Andersen. Sarah- You are a great Leader, but you didn't loose the election, your Councillors lost it for you by pressuring you to keep pursuing the Plebiscite thing. Now it's voting time for Nainnimuit to change the Councillors. It just shows everyone that you can vote for change. Especially when Gov't don't listen to the People.