Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Separate Fires in Nain in One Night

The Nain Volunteer Fire Brigade was kept very busy over the Labour Day weekend.

Brigade members responded to three separate fires in one night.

Rod Pilgrim is the Fire Chief with the Fire Brigade.

He says the fires were ignited on Friday at three separate locations: Labrador Investments, the Jens Haven Memorial Primary School and next to a local residence.

Pilgrim says the first blaze was ignited shortly after 11pm behind Labrador Investments.

A large number of pallets stacked near the store’s fuel tank had caught fire.

The brigade did not believe the fuel tank would ignite.

Pilgrim says they were lucky the fire didn’t catch near the valves and fittings.

He adds the tank did get pretty warm from the blaze.

The next fire occurred shortly after in a wooden garbage box near a resident’s home.

After that fire was doubted, the fire brigade had to respond to a fire near Nain’s primary school.

The school’s garbage box was also ablaze.

Pilgrim says the fire brigade was able to control each of the fires quickly.

He believes the fires were related and set deliberately.

Pilgrim adds that he hopes the person responsible is apprehended before infrastructure is lost, or worst: a life is lost.

The fires are under investigation by the Nain RCMP.

Constable James Barter says given the timeframe, it is possible that these fires are related.

But they have no evidence to support that theory.

He is asking anybody in the community with any information regarding the fires to come forward.

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