Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MP Russell Discusses Employment Insurance Cuts

The Conservative Government has made cuts to the Employment Insurance Program.

Five weeks was cut from the program last weekend.

Labrador’s Member of Parliament, Todd Russell, says this first cut will affect everyone who depends on their EI benefits on the north and south coast of Labrador.

He says the additional five weeks was put in place by the Liberal Government five-years ago.

The Liberals have been fighting to keep it in place for the past two years.

Russell says it is not just one cut because there are two more that will come into effect; one in October and another in December.

He says they will keep fighting to keep the additional weeks because the people need them more than ever in these tough economic times.

He added that the people are having enough trouble as it is trying to find employment.

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  1. Minister Russell is some quiet these days,that's not what he promised on his campaign,so disappointing.