Friday, September 10, 2010

No More Preschool at Primary School in Nain

The Jens Haven Memorial Primary School will no longer offer their preschool program in Nain.

Irene Webb is the Kindergarten teacher at JHMS.

She says the preschool program resources will now be used for KinderStart.

The change has been a cause of confusion for parents of the little ones.

Webb says it was last June that the Labrador School Board recommended having KinderStart at the primary school.

She says she will be sending memos to the parents explaining the change.

Meanwhile, the Piguttuk Family Resource center will continue to hold a preschoolers program.

Rosina Brown is the Coordinator for the center.

She says they are working on scheduling for the preschool program.

Parents can register their preschoolers at the center on Wednesday, September 15.

Preschool begins on Wednesday, October 6.

In other news, inventory is taking place at the Piguttuk Family Resource Center.

The center’s programs will be closed until September 20, during the inventory.

The center will remain open for drop-in and clothing donations until the end of month.

Brown says a facilitator assistant was hired on August 20.

Larry Ananack will work for a period of 26 weeks.

Funding for the position is covered under the Linkage Program.

Brown adds that regular programming will begin on October 4.

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