Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Barbour Relieved from Ministerial Duties

William Barbour has been relieved from his duties as Minister of Lands and Resources.

In a press release, it states that the First Minister, Darryl Shiwak, will assume his portfolio.

Barbour has been relieved from his position as he deals with personal issues.

In the release, President Lyall states that they have some very important issues to deal with in the Department of Lands and Resources.

He goes on to say that Barbour has been an effective leader in the past.

And they wish him the best as he struggles with his addiction.

Barbour will continue to serve as an ordinary member for Nain.


  1. It is hard for our province, let alone other provinces to take Nunatsiavut Government seriously with all of the negativity within it's political structure.

  2. strange, max blake is recommended to be removed from office and barbour is wished well with his addictions. what is going on here ?

  3. I agree totally, I think it is because they now that Max Blake will fight for the people,for the benefit of all. I believe they are afraid that he may speak out and uncover the corrupt government we have. ULM members voted Max in and the NG wanted him out PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Goin on about him being racist towards women and Iniut,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what a joke!

  4. come on lets hear comments from the people on the coast like they did with ulm officials, pretty quiet now. Two of their own has been involved with the zero tollerence of drugs and

  5. where are the coastal beneficiaries comments.

  6. Nora where are your comments......

  7. should be three month suspension, same as blake,