Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Councilors of the Inuit Community Governments Announced

The nominees have been announced for councilors of the Inuit Community Governments (ICG) in Nunatsiavut.

Nominations closed yesterday.

In Postville there were four people nominated for councilors of the Postville ICG.

Mary Edmunds, Violet Flowers, Jamie Jacque and Winston Sheppard are running for the beneficiary seats in the upcoming election.

There are three seats available on the Postville ICG.

One seat on the council of each of the ICGs is allocated to a non-beneficiary.

Nancy Hall and Carmen Sheppard will be running for that seat in Postville.

The election is set to take place on October 18.

In Hopedale five people were nominated as councilors of the Hopedale ICG.

Jimmy Tuttauk, Connie Basto, Phillip Abel, Darlene Nochasak and Doris Boas will serve as councilors.

They all got in by acclamation.

The Hopedale ICG is waiting for clarification on their non-beneficiary seat.

In Nain, Sarah Leo, George Lyall, Duane Dicker, Margie Fox and Beni Andersen will serve as councilors for the Nain ICG.

Jacob Larkin will serve as councilor in the non-beneficiary seat.

They all got in by acclamation.

In Makkovik there are two non-beneficiary seats to represent the large number of non-beneficiaries in that community.

Theresa Lightfoot and Dion Rideout will serve in those seats.

They got in by acclamation.

Seven people will be running for the beneficiary seats.

There are four beneficiary seats available on the Makkovik ICG.

Bernie Andersen, Tony Andersen, Randy Edmunds, Elizabeth Evans-Mitchell, Cyril Lane, Rory McNeil and Lewis McNeil will be running for those seats.

The election in Makkovik is set to take place October 19.


  1. Great Job! Good luck to all and let's hope these people can improve the sad state of shipping - we need a new ship, new airport, training for Inuit who works on the airport to get their Heavy Equipment- apprenticeship program- , the very bad and poor quality fresh food program that is going on and not just give out existing contracts for water and sewer to outsiders and not have our own living like kings in the hotel while we struggle to find enough hours for E.I. Please stop trying to Plebiscite us and get to the real issues. The voting age needs to be addressed because they can vote but not run- not fair to the eligible voters- Those are just some things to look at.

  2. I think they should be paid also not only the