Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Alcohol & Drug Bust In Natuashish

Natuashish RCMP continue to keep the community safe from drugs and alcohol.

According to an RCMP press release, police seized a large amount of drugs and alcohol bound for the community.

Information was received by police that there were plans to smuggle both illegal alcohol and drugs into the community.

The booze and drugs were aboard the MV Northern Ranger, destined for Natuashish.

On September 29, members of the local RCMP conducted a search of the vessel.

As a result of the search, members located 39 60 ounce bottles of liquor, ten 26 ounce bottles, two 40 ounce bottles and one can of beer.

Also located and seized was approximately three pounds of marijuana.

RCMP determined the street value of the seizure in the tens of thousands of dollars.

RCMP stated that if these illegal goods had of gotten into the community, there would have been devastating effects.

Natuashish RCMP say they will continue to enforce the local by-law to keep Natuashish a safe and dry community.

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  1. Why wasn't the news of what happened in Goose Bay reported? I read it all over CBC. Is Goose Bay not within your proximity of news? Also, your news place reported similar stories i the past, why not now? The news I am talking about is that woman who was arrested for many counts and the man who was nearly assaulted to death.