Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OKâlaKatiget Radio Now Broadcasting on FM in Nain

OKâlaKatiget Radio will now be broadcasting on FM.

As of today, our listeners in Nain can tune into OKâlaKatiget Radio on 99.9FM.

Broadcasting on this new frequency will give us the ability to provide better quality programming.

Operating on FM will provide clearer reception and a larger coverage area.

This will be tested over the next three weeks.

This is where OKâlaKatiget Radio will need the help of our Nain listeners.

We want you to provide feedback on what you think of the quality of our FM broadcast.

Whether it is from your home or your cabin, we want to know what the quality of the FM broadcast is like.

You can drop into the OKâlaKatiget Society, contact us by phone at 709-922-2955, drop us a line by email at

Our regular AM broadcast will still be available until further notice.

So remember to tune into 99.9FM for your favorite quality programming.


  1. Good to hear.

    Can't wait until we can access it via the internet.

    All the best.


    Charles Martin

  2. I think this is great as so many away from town can hear msg & news while away to the summer places.