Thursday, September 9, 2010

OK radio FM Station

Have you listened to CKOK OKalaKatiget Radio since we made the switch to FM frequency in Nain?

Our Nain listeners can tune into OKalaKatiget Radio on 99.9 FM.

This new frequency gives us the ability to provide better quality programming.

So are you getting a clearer reception on this new FM frequency?

Broadcasting on FM is being tested for another two weeks.

So this is where OK radio needs the help of our listeners.

We would like for you to provide feedback on what you think of the quality of the new FM broadcast.

Whether it is from your home or your cabin, we want to know what the quality of the FM broadcast is like.

We did get feedback about the new FM broadcast from cabin owners at Black Island, an area approximately 25 miles northeast of Nain.

Listeners have told us that they tried tuning into this new FM frequency but couldn’t get any reception.

But when they tuned back to our AM frequency, the broadcast was there faintly.

So we want to know what the reception is like at your cabin.

Feel free to contact the OKalaKatiget Society with your feedback.

Our CKOK AM broadcast will still be available until further notice.

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