Monday, September 20, 2010

Teacher Units Under Construction

There are three new teacher units being constructed in two of the north coast communities.

Bruce Vey is the Director of Education for the Labrador School Board.

He says the community of Postville is getting one new teacher unit.

The work on that unit started in August.

There are two units being constructed in the community of Rigolet.

Construction in that community began in early-September.

Vey says Hillier’s Trades out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay holds the contract for the construction of the units.

He says the project is going well with the exception of a small delay in Rigolet.

Vey says he is happy with the allocation of more units in these two communities.

Funds for the construction were provided by the Provincial Government.

He adds the units should be ready for occupation by late November.

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