Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing Hunters Found

The three overdue hunters from Nain were found safe by the local Search and Rescue (SAR) team.

The hunters left Nain in speedboat on Tuesday, September 21, to an area known as Mugford Bay.

The men were expected back in Nain on Sunday, Sept 26.

A search was conducted when the hunters didn’t return as scheduled.

According to a press release, RCMP in Nain has confirmed that the three missing hunters from the community have been located and are safe.

A cormorant SAR helicopter out of Gander assisted in the search for the hunters.

At approximately 3:30am, they located the boat on the shore of a nearby cabin.

The SAR technicians confirmed that the three individuals were in the cabin.

The hunters have sufficient supplies of fuel and food.

They are comfortably waiting out the weather to return to Nain on their own.

Winds in the area have been high since the men left.

The men aged 40, 45 and 46 are experienced hunters and are capable of survival off the land.

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  1. Why don't Nunatsiavut Government buy Sat. phones? Sign them in and out.