Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disciplinary Committee Announces Decision on Speaker Pat Ford

A disciplinary committee of the Nunatsiavut Assembly has announced their decision regarding the allegations against the Speaker of the House, Pat Ford.

Glen Sheppard is the Deputy Speaker of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

He says the committee met on August 25, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

They heard two complaints that were filed against Ford.

The complainants stated that Ford had breached section 4.1 of the Nunatsiavut Government's Code of Ethics.

That section states that a Nunatsiavut official shall not consume alcohol or illegal drugs, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, while conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

The committee concluded that Ford did not breach that code.

She had taken time off and was not conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

The committee is recommending that Ford undergo counseling regarding the incident.


  1. What? Yet another? Shameful! Why aren't people in an up roar now, the way they were with ULM members incident a while ago?

  2. I agree with the comment above, when the upper lake melville took place this ok site was full of comments, nasty nasty. now everything is hush hush seems pretty one sided to me. and this is our government, it sickens me.

  3. I wonder how will pat ford and william barbour will vote when it comes to wether or not max blake will be romoved from office. take a good look at yourselves pat and william. how would you like it if the vote was for you guys to loose your position. the shoe is now on the other foot, only you guys dont have everyone on your case.
    sounds like a coastal thing sticking together! what are we not as good as you are?

  4. come on Nora where are you? you love to comment on ULM members when they go on the booze, but when ministers on the coast breach the zero tollerence, you are quiet how come? I am sitting here writing this and Iknow that you are as much inuit as I are not fulllllll inuit in no means. Inuit meann one hundred percent, you are not .....

  5. The comment pages would of been full , if it was someone from ULM ,the COAST elected BARBOUR in and you let you down a second time when will you stop.....................

  6. realitive of Jims, It is o.k........

  7. yeah and was Pat Ford on the committee who recomended Max Blake be removed. I say you should think twice about voting him out. Your no better than anyone alse

  8. just for clarity, it wasn't the whole coast that voted William Barbour in, just the residents of Nain...get your facts straight!!!