Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LIDC General Manager

The Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust (LICST) has acquired the use of a professional executive search firm in the search for a new Labrador Inuit Development Corporation General Manager.

Clint Davis is Chair of the LICST.

He says they have hired Higgins International to assist in the search for a new General Manager.

The executive search firm will ensure that the LICST attracts the best possible candidates for the vacant position.

The position has been left vacant since Brian Vincent resigned from the post at the end of April.

The LICST is searching for candidates from across Canada.

Davis says they hope to have the position filled by this December.

The LICST will also be compiling a comprehensive business plan and budget for 2010/2011.

He says the plan will be drafted over the next month.

This is the first time in LIDC’s existence that a business plan will be created.

The LICST hopes to have it reviewed and decided upon by November.


  1. gone to the dogs!!!what next

  2. mmm, let's see.

    It's taken nearly 8 months to come to a decision to use a hiring firm. Yet the job poster is not yet on that firms website.

    I think it's high time some accountability measures were put in place to track performance, employment targets, and profitability, and socio-economic impacts.

    It has been 18 months since these trustees have been apppointed and there hasn't been as much as an action plan developed and published by this group.

    As a beneficiary I would like to know, right now, what is the financial situation of the ICST and the LIDC. How much are they in the black or the red? What can prospective employees expect in the coming year as they have already been left unemployed at the last moment this past season.


    Charles Martin

  3. Considering the results under previous GM's, I see this hiring process as a positive step. No more fools in LIDC management, please.

  4. Couldn't agree more. LIDC is long overdue for a good management team.



  5. Definately moving in the right direction!

  6. LIDC is on the right track with the search firm. Out with the old and in with the new.

  7. I wonder how much longer for the job has been 8 months now. Business planning for next season has to begin shortly.