Friday, September 3, 2010

Fish Plant Closing

Operations at the Nain and Makkovik fish plants are quickly winding down.

Junior Andersen the plant manager in Makkovik.

He says a long liner was just getting in with its last catch of crab this morning.

It was carrying about 8,000 pounds of crab.

This will give the plant workers just couple more hours of work processing the crab.

Andersen says the cleanup of the plant starts next week and will take about a week to complete.

The Nain fishplant is on its last day of selling frozen fish products.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the office clerk.

She says the plant has some smoked char bones and cod fillets left to sell.

Residents of Nain have until 5pm today to buy the products.

After that the plant will be closed for the season.

Kohlmeister says all the char processed this summer was sent to Goose Bay on the last freight boat.

The plant smoked a total of 1,600 pounds of char this season.

Kohlmeister adds only 5 of the employees made enough hours to qualify for Employment Insurance benefits for the winter.

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