Sunday, September 26, 2010

NICG applying for Community Enhancement Project

The community of Nain has been dealt some hard blows this summer.

From the early closure of the fish plant to the 10-Mile Bay quarry not operating this season, it’s been a hard summer for employment.

This has been a cause of worry for many residents who depend on the employment to gather enough hours to receive employment insurance benefits.

The Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG) may be stepping in to assist these residents in gathering their needed hours.

The NICG is applying for funds for a community enhancement project from the provincial government.

They have not been approved for the funding yet, but they are preparing for the possible green light to be given.

They are asking residents who need 420 hours or less to qualify for employment insurance benefits to contact their office.

Then if the project is approved, they will be prepared and ready to get the ball rolling.

The deadline for Nain residents to submit their name was Friday, September 24.

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