Friday, June 4, 2010

Vale Plans to Step-Up Production in Loom of New Strike

Vale is planning to increase production in the Voisey’s Bay Mine as another group of employees hits the picket line.

Bob Carter is the Spokesperson for Vale in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He says the company is working with contractors now to determine when the mine can resume full operation.

Since January the mine has been operating on a two week on, two week off schedule.

Carter says Vale hopes to begin operating fulltime in the near future.

Employees of one contractor, Ushitau Maintenance, walked off the job this week.

Ushitau employees are also represented by the United Steelworkers but under another bargaining group.

Carter says that it is the responsibility of Ushitau Maintenance as a contractor to ensure that they provide the services outlined in their contract.

Carter adds that Vale respects the workers right to strike, but at the same time they have a duty to their customers and employees who still remain in the site.

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