Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tukisinnik Research Forum

The delegation of the Tukisinnik Research Forum were treated to cultural showcase last evening.

The local people joined the delegation in the packed gym.

The event included many acts and demonstrations of the Inuit culture.

The evening started off with the Nain Church Choir singing a few hymns.

All throughout the show, Inuit games such as the seal crawl, monkey dance and back to back were demonstrated.

The Little Drummers performed a few acts which had the audience gazing in amazement.

Debbie Lyall and April Andersen also demonstrated throat singing for the audience.

Included in the agenda were the original Nunatsiavut Drumdancers.

They did a short routine and had the audience asking for more.

The evening ended off with the Sun Dogs performing a few songs with the Nunatsiavut Drumdancers.

The community was then treated to a feed of traditional inuit food such as nikkuk, pitsik and panitsiak.

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