Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OKâlaKatiget Society's Annual General Meeting

OKâlaKatiget Society’s Board of Directors held their Annual General Meeting in Nain over the weekend.

The board had many issues to discuss at the AGM.

Reports were given on behalf of each department in the OK Society.

Jenny Oliver, Board Member for ULM, gave a report on APTN.

She has since stepped down from her position as APTN Representative for OKâlaKatiget.

Also, the Policy & Procedures Manual was finally complete after three years.

It has been adopted and is now set in place as rules to go by for the OK Staff.

The board congratulates those who re-claimed their positions.

As well as bid farewell to Nain member John Jararuse and welcomes his replacement, Joe Dicker.

At the AGM, the Board decided to remove Facebook from OK’s network, deeming it strictly as a social networking site and should not be used at the work place.

Executive elections were also held.

Here are the results.

Carol Gear retained her position as President, while Lucy Ikkusek remains Vice President and the new Secretary is Joe Dicker.

The Board decided to change the radio schedule to 1-4 pm from to 1-3 pm and 4-5 pm effective July 5th.

The next board meeting, via teleconference will be held in July.

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