Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minister Russell Addresses Beneficiaries Comments

Since we broke the news of the recent allegations against Upper Lake Melville (ULM) Ordinary Member Max Blake, Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries have been speaking out.

Also caught in the crossfire is the other Ordinary Member from the region: Keith Russell.

We spoke with the Minster of Health and Social Development to address some of the comments that have been made.

Russell says that people have been taking his silence on the issue as a sign that he condones the allegations Blake is accused of.

He says that he hasn’t been addressing the issue because there is a process in place that the government follows.

Russell says the government isn’t commenting on the situation until that process is carried out.

In the past, Minister Russell has been known to be very vocal on various issues.

But he says now that he is a Minister he has to address matters in a different manner.

And he doesn't hold the same luxury as when he was just an ordinary member.

Russell adds that there have been requests for him to address certain allegations as he holds the portfolio for the status of women.

He says that he in no way condones any of the allegations that have been made recently.


  1. So the voice he promised to be is now silenced because he is a Minister? What the?

  2. He could have told his constituents this a week ago..... he would have saved himself a lot of grief. But it still shows he is selective in the issues and people that he addresses.

  3. weak, don't worry they are still the "excellent team " that they always were, they'll go down together if there is any justice in the system.

  4. I am interested to see now that Minister Russell is the Minister of Health, what programs he plans to develop and implement to tackle the problem of alcohol abuse that our government clearly did not have in place when he spoke out against alcohol abuse and OUR government's decision to allow Minister Barbour to retain his seat; when Minister Barbour could have benefited from the same compassion that he is now extending to Max Blake. I am glad to see that he has learned that he has to "address matters in a different manner" maybe becoming part of the team that wants to affect positive change is the first step in the long journey ahead...

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  6. I'd like to make a request please- "Good Bye Rubberhead" by Stompin Tom Connors going out to Max Blake and Also "The sound of silence" by Simon and Garfunkel going out to Keith Russell. ......Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was the request page.............

  7. I am certaintly glad Keith actually said something, allbiet it was alot of poltical BS. Now he hides behide the process. However I am happy he said he don't condone this sort of action by anyone. Maybe there is hope for the young in-experienced, once vocal ULM elected official yet! Lets wait and see what the investigation finds out and reveals.

  8. Was this procedure in place when you decided to go public on CBC like you did when William Barbour was in breach of the code of conduct? Keith?

  9. loraine michaels said on cbc radio this morning that "politians are role models for the children ", keith russel never said anything near that, all he did was to assure his running mate that everything that can be done to save him will be done, this is not the actions of a good person. we have two bullies here that can only complain and not lead, anyone can throw stones, it takes a real strong person to face a difficult issue and i don't see mr. russel doing that. resign both of you and lets get on with building our new government.

  10. loraine michaels said politicians are role models for the children, poor example here with max blake and keith russel.

  11. Minister Russell is hiding behind the process....... I would like to know if this process was in place when he went public on CBC about William Barbour.( he wasn't even the Minister responsible for health at the time).... Of course there is a process...we all know that, but why could he not at least say to his constituents, what he said on the OK radio a week after the incident happened in Nain. Combative and defensiveness is all your met with,....when he does not agree with what people are saying? How can a Minister be productive and representative of ALL who is seen to be selective on the issues and people he choses to deal with? My statements on his group site about racism put him in the defensive mode once again, this shows me that he is not interested in this very old issue that falls directly under his department. Racism is definitely not a dead issue!

    CULTURE - Johannes Lampe's portfolio...thank God we have an Inuk Minister who is sensitive to the history as it REALLY is for Inuit from the coast! It's a legacy of a long ugly road of racism and one that needs to be addressed...long overdue. My letters will be better directed to a person who is receptive.

  12. kudos to Nora. Now that Keith is no longer the "opposition", does that mean he can no longer critisize?? How convenient. Anyway-good luck to the Blake/Russel team.

  13. last night I read Keith's facebook site, what a joke!!! As someone who voted for him I am very mad. He said he would support us strikers and overturn the IBA so we can have some money while on strike, not done. He said he would head up an official opposition, this is not done. He said he would fix the salmon tag problem, not done. Did we all make a mistake with Keith and Max?

  14. I always heard that politics makes strange bedfellows, but it seems to me that the "excellent team" are perfectly suited!

  15. You take a mortal man,
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god,
    Watch peoples heads a'roll
    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony...
    So true about Keith

  16. I am a Inuit women in ULM that actaully supported Keith, I am disappointed in Max's display of disrespect for women and Keith's new non involvement approach. This is quickly becomming a joke and an embarrassment for our government by those looking in. Both need to take responsiblity for thier actions or inactions.