Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership

The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership(LATP) is a new project that opened their doors in March.

It has five offices in total.

The head office is located in Goose Bay.

And has four satellite offices in Nain, Sheshatshiu, Natuashish and Charlottetown.

Peggy Andersen works in the Nain satellite office.

She says LATP is partnered between all three aboriginal groups in Labrador; Inuit, Innu & Metis, along with Nalcor Energy.

Their mandate is to overlook a comprehensive training to employment plan.

This is to prepare the Labrador aboriginals for employment opportunities in resource development.

They also hope to offer community-based and on-the-job training for qualified apprentices with aboriginal status.

Thus far, LATP has traveled some of the North Coast for information sessions.

They will have a presentation in Rigolet this evening at 6pm at the Hall.

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