Friday, June 25, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Quarry & Stone Plant to Remain Closed for 2010

The quarry at Ten Mile Bay will not be opening this year.

The Hopedale Stone Plant will also stay closed.

That announcement came from The Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust in a press release today.

According to the press release Ten Mile Bay has had “significant losses” since it started.

They say it would continue to lose money this year.

Clint Davis is the chair of the Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust.

He says Ten Mile Bay has been known to face financial challenges for some time.

Davis adds their efforts to find a business partner have proven to be unsuccessful.

This decision will affect 36 seasonal workers.

Efforts are now underway to find new employment for these workers.


  1. Good afternoon,

    After spending a brief 6 weeks with LIDC last fall I witnessed first hand that the former general mananger did not have what I would call a a formal business planning, monitoring, or reporting process, which contributed greatly to the situation we are in now.

    As the most recent Assistant General Manager, who unfortunately fell prey to a bizarre set of circumstances this past fall that forced me to resign, I am very much interested in being considered for the General Manager position that is currently vacant.

    With more than a decade of working at the federal government in labour market and economic development capacities, as research economist, program manager, and senior policy advisor, I clearly have the education and experience to do this work. Moreover, I am a beneficiary who is willing to give up my federal employment to take what I have learned and experienced in socio-economic development and contribute to the social, community, and economic development needs of our people.

    I have a great desire to do this and I pray that after all of the silly shenanigans of this past fall that somebody in a position of authority will see to it that I can once again prove that I am the most qualified and dedicated person to be the General Manager of the LIDC and ICST.


    Charles Martin

  2. One Beneficiary

    Today at 03:24 PM


    I would like to request that the trustees explain their general manager's statements last winter (see below) and then explain why everyone is left unemployed this year if they produced that much last year. Who is telling the truth here??? Who can we believe???

    Also, if the trustees knew last year that there was only a tiny bit of rock taken from the quarry when they closed it down, why in the hell did they wait until this summer to tell everyone they weren't going to get back to work this year???

    "LIDC Project part II" by okradio on December 17, 2009, 3:14 pm, in category General

    Yesterday we had a brief update from Brian Vincent the Regional Manager of the Labrador Inuit Development Corporations (LIDC) 2009 summer projects.

    Today we contacted him again to get the rest of the details.

    Vincent says it has been a dismal year for the Quarry site at Ten Mile Bay, where they ran into a lot of problems, one of which was poor quality of rock.

    However, LIDC still managed to produce 700 cubic meters of stone, in which they shipped to Baie Comeau, Quebec.

    Vincent says they were lucky to have the projects and the operation of the Hopedale stone plant to make up for most of the poor year.

    But the stone plant, like other projects, never fared too well, seeing a week early closure from what was to be a year round operation.

    He says overall 2009 was not a successful year, but are planning to create more employment for 2010.