Friday, June 25, 2010

Christian Youth Summer Camp

The Labrador Christian Youth Camp is scheduled to take place near Happy Valley, Goose Bay from July 4– 9 th.

The location of the camp is at Gosling Lake which is 15 km northeast of Goose Bay.

Anick Marcoux (Marcoo) is the Administration Assistant.

She says some youth from the north coast communities are very interested in going to this camp.

So far 18 boys and girls between the ages of 8- 17 have registered.

Marcoux says 15 of those students are from Hopedale and the rest are from Goose Bay.

The community of Postville has 2 students registered and they will be going to the camp at a later date.

She says the program director is George Taesden.

5 other counselors will assist him.

The youth will be involved in hiking, swimming, canoeing, and making crafts.

They will have a bonfire near the lake in the evenings.

The 2010 summer camp schedule is open to youth and even families.

For more information call Anick Marcoux at 709- 897- 7007.

Or check the website @

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