Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Labrador Inuktitut Training Program

A meeting regarding the Labrador Inuktitut Training Program has given the Torngâsok Cultural Centre better direction.

We spoke to Toni White, the Language Program Coordinator for the Centre.

She says Torngnasok staff met with the Curriculum Developers, Project Manager and Curriculum Consultants.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Economic Development, Tim McNeil, and Deputy Minister of Cultural Recreation Tourism, Sheldon Baikie, also joined the meeting.

White says they discussed how to move forward with the LITP.

She says the issues they discussed were how the Nunatsiavut Government will certify the program.

And if the government actually has the authority to do that.
White adds another decision made was that Torngâsok will hold a Pilot Project in

This project will test the materials created thus far.

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