Thursday, June 17, 2010

Complainant in Woodrow Case Describes Alleged Incident

The complainant in the Woodrow trial described the events of the night of the alleged incident when she took the stand.

Mitchell White has been covering the progress of the trial in Nain.

The trial is now into its fourth day.

It continued yesterday afternoon with the complainant in the case describing the night of the alleged incident.

Her testimony matched up with parts of testimonies that were provided by the RCMP members who were on call that night.

During her cross examination the defense had pointed out inconsistencies in the statement she had given following the incident and the testimony she had provided that day.

The defense has requested that they be able to cross examine the remaining two witnesses who were subpoenaed and not called to testify.

Those witnesses are Constable Mark Blackmore and a friend of the complainant.

Both were allegedly there during the early morning of May 26.

Judge Joy will make a decision on that matter this afternoon.

Woodrow is facing one count of assault and one count of forcible confinement stemming from the alleged incident.

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  1. The RCMP are once again investigating who is policing the police? There really should be an outside agency, removed from the RCMP to do investigations when RCMP are caught breaking the law. They should be treated the same as everyone else breaking the law.